Monday, 7 December 2015

BMTH & London

A while back a friend posted about a small BMTH gig in Kingston, and since I couldn't get work off for the Cardiff show and missed tickets for Bristol, I decided to go. The tickets were really cheap, but obviously going all the way to London made it an expensive trip!

I was too tired when I arrived in London to do much, so I just chilled out at the hostel for a few hours before starting the long trip to the venue.

I decided to dress comfy & wore a Drop Dead shirt I got from Ebay recently. The venue (Hippodrome) turned out to be poorly suited to gigs. I can see that it would okay as a club, but I literally couldn't see the stage no matter where I stood.

Support came from Neck Deep. I wasn't too fussed about seeing them as I've seen them before, but they are good. I was just sad that Pvris weren't there too since I missed them at Reading.

I was worried I wouldn't enjoy Bring Me The Horizon since I ended up going alone and had only bought the ticket to socialise...but they were really good! I would see them again, although I don't think I'd travel so far again.

I got horrendously lost on the way back because my phone was suddenly giving me different directions and tube times than when I had checked before, so I used all my data trying to figure out how to get back to Edgware Road. I got on the wrong bus at first, but luckily I got off it and straight onto the bus I had arrived on, so I made it back okay! I was annoyed that the show finished so early (21:30), but it turned out to be for the best!

The next day I got up early for breakfast, and wore my Aurora Skye touchdown for the first time. I got funny looks all day because it looked like I wasn't wearing shorts! I went to read at Paddington Green for a bit but I managed to walk completely the wrong way so it took me 40 minutes to get there instead of 3...oops!

I headed to Oxford Street after swapping my book over back at the hostel since it was only a short walk away. Had some lunch at Marble Arch and watched the pigeons!

I then discovered a love for Forever 21! I ended up buying this dress in black too, even though I'm not sure how I can wear it casually since I'm not used to long things!

I didn't find anything I wanted to buy in Disney Store (the only reason I went!), but they did have this HUGE Tsum Tsum. It was up to my hip! I dread to think how much it must have cost. I did want the Christmas Tsum set, but it was £25 or so and I had spent too much money in Primark and F21.

There was a floating Yoda, and fake snow at one point which confused me.

After being disappointed by the Drop Dead store (there was only one womens top and it wasn't in my size), I wandered over to Covent Garden via Forbidden Planet (which also had nothing I could buy since I spent too much in F21).

Next I checked out the Christmas market by the London Eye and sat down with a nice mulled cider.

With a further 4 hours to wait until my train, I hopped on a tube to Camden just to have a look around. I had forgotten how crappy Camden is and didn't actually go into any shops! So I just went to Ice Wharf for a few drinks and some food to pass the time before heading back to The Green Man to pick up my bags and have another pint.

My train was delayed so I ended up getting on the direct one instead, which was really busy! I left Paddington at 19:30 but somehow didn't make it home until 22:30. Really need to live in a city so getting around is quicker!

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