Sunday, 20 December 2015

BMC: Nylon & Chill + Black Friday Sale

Starting to think my new year's resolution should be to blog about things in a timely manner instead of weeks later...

This year's Christmas collection, Nylon & Chill, wasn't the Christmassiest one. It was also mostly swimwear, with a whole bunch of toastie pieces for US only. Understandably, a whole load of Europeans were annoyed about this as buying from the US is much more expensive!

There was also a Black Friday Sale which included some surprise super old pieces, which is always good! And I bought a few non-sale pieces for good measure.

First up is an old piece I had floating in my cart with the intention of matching with my hood...Galaxy Rainbow Long Sleeve Skater Dress. Obviously it turns out that they don't match at all, but I'm happy to try this cut finally! Annoyingly it does sit a little too high despite my lack of height, and the tight sleeves are miles too long for my arms. I do like it though, and it's comfy once you've struggled into it!

I kept being tempted to rebuy the pink version but decided against it, but I always said I'd love a black one. So even though I'm still not sure about the cut or the shininess, the Wallpaper Shiny Shiny Evil Zip Dress found its way into my wardrobe. I sized down for some reason even though the pink one was super tight, but the fabric for this is different and it's actually still a bit too big. I guess it still looks fine, but I'd prefer it tighter! But obviously I'd never have thought to order XXS because I'm nowhere near that small...

Despite it being winter, I'm planning ahead to my Spring holiday with the Hoot and Screech vs Awesome Inside Out Halter Top and Hoot and Screech vs Awesome Inside Out Bottom. Need to get my beach bod back before rocking it!

As the name suggests, it's reversible. There were a bunch of double printed ones too. Unfortunately the crotch sticker didn't peel out well and left sticky residue so will need a vigorous washing before I can wear it again. Not that I'll need it for a few months.

I love tartan and pockets, so I'm happy that Tartan Old School Pocket Skater Skirt became a thing! I have a feeling this will get a lot more use than the lilac one because it's mostly black. The Sheer Spot Sweater was from the sale, but it's definitely too big. I think I'll hang onto it anyway since it's great for layering with dresses, but it looks a bit loose and long on me. Still cool though, right?

The Damsel Top was top of my sale hitlist even though I wasn't sure about the design or the price. I also realised after purchasing that the sizing is way smaller than usual. Thankfully I can get it on, but I'm still not sure about the shape! It's an old Sophia James piece, which I guess was a higher-end label than regular Black Milk. It came in its own little Sophia James bag and a bigger bag like suits come in! Very fancy. Worn here with a non-sale piece to match my hood, the Galaxy Rainbow Leggings.

The top is reversible! I'm torn because I like it a lot this way as I feel the tails should be at the back, but it seems odd having the collar at the back. I think this top will be used most under dresses, perhaps even in lolita. Sneaky Beetlejuice Suspenders cameo since I snagged them on Ebay recently.

The Galaxy Rainbow Reversible Skater Dress was also in the sale, so I couldn't resist the call of more galaxy to wear with my hood. I think this is the best colouring for a rainbow piece since it has a lot of dark patches on it! I'm definitely in need of a post-Christmas diet though as it feels tighter than I'm used to haha.

The Kitten Me Right Meow Playsuit was restocked in my size for the sale, so I finally caved. It turns out it's much more pink in person, and I'm still not sure about this cut. But it'll be perfect for summer! I need to go looking for a black belt for it. I have a feeling this might be coming on holiday with me too.

Ahh the pain in my bank account! There was also a release for new year AND a museum sale, so I no doubt have a bunch more customs slips due. Thankfully one of my sale packages snuck through, but customs are still bleeding me dry! It isn't the clothing that's expensive so much as the customs. But at least I can be shiny whilst being broke ✌

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