Friday, 4 December 2015

BMC: Pick 'N' Mix & Doctor Who

The ammo for October, Pick 'N' Mix, had new bright prints. So naturally, I bought the black pieces (and a few older things to bulk up my orders!).

My second order was the first to arrive as US shipping is way quicker, and the Black Milk Sharkies Muscle Top. This was a US only piece, for some reason...and I stupidly bought the same size as before even though it's miles too big on me. I worry that a smaller size would be snug on my hips, but it's so huge I think sizing down is probably wise (even though I already ordered another one in this size and already owned two...). Also grabbed the Racing Stripe Leggings from a weekly release back in August. Can never have too many black basics. Plus these have pockets!

My first order was from the worldwide site, and the piece was the amazing Biker Dress. It was the same price as an IOD, so very pricey! Naturally I was worried about not having enough boob for it, but the dress as a whole runs a bit small. The elastic straps allow for different bust sizes, though! I'm not convinced about it on me yet as the skirt sticks out oddly over my lumps, so I guess I just need to tone up and slim down.

And I also finally caved and bought The Shredder Dress. I've loved it since I found the brand but was worried about the length, so I decided to size down. I think I could size down again really as there is still plenty of room in it. On the lookout for a nice belt to wear with it, as it definitely needs one! I wish Fox & Owl weren't so expensive.

The Doctor Who collection dropped at the start of November, and was a huge collection! I'm not a huge fan of the show so I had to restrict myself and be picky.

Tardis Inside Out Dress was my biggest want, so I scooped one up straight away even though it's not limited (it just got restocked, if anyone reading is wanting one!). I preferred the inside print on the website, but I definitely prefer the outside on me!

I picked the Empty Child Muscle Top over the Schematic Tardis Muscle Top as I figured I didn't need more than one piece with a Tardis design. The episode it's taken from creeps me out so bad though!

Customs fairy still ceases to smile upon me, so I find myself super skint again...

At least my Galaxy Blue Skirt that I bought from a Ebay came without customs...I should buy from Europe more often!

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