Monday, 22 September 2014


This weekend was the Tea Party Club's 7 year anniversary event - Revelry!

The Saturday event was held at Gray's Inn, which was a lovely building! The event seemed a lot smaller this year, and this was definitely a good thing as it was easier to see the talks and stalls without crushing too much petti. This made the atmosphere much more relaxed.

I decided to wear Angelic Pretty's Crystal Dream Carnival JSK and headbow as I've been wanting to wear it since it arrived but never had an opportunity! My hairclip is by Now, Voyager, blouse is Anna House, socks are Primark, shoes are Bodyline, bag is Vivienne Westwood (I think a replica), and my jewellery is various offbrand. I tried tying my hair like Sailor Moon, but it didn't turn out too well!

Lots of real gold and a sapphire to be classy for once! I was wearing pearls and a unicorn ring on the other hand. Do you like the sparkly nails?

We had lots of amazing stalls to wander around, a bring and buy sale, and a main event hall where the guests were introduced in the morning.

There was a little Q&A with the guests too! There were guests from Syrup, Ai Akizuki, Metamorphose, Grimoire, and the Gothic Lolita Bible. They were all totally adorable!

After lunch there was also a fashion show with lots of new Metamorphose items.

I think this one was my favourite! Michaela looks so amazing in it too.

There was also a talk from Ai Akizuki (founder of the Japanese equivalent of the Tea Party Club) about lolita life in Japan. She was so adorable and I think her presentation tugged on everyone's heartstrings. Sorry the photo is so awful, I didn't want to use the flash!

Later there was a raffle, and I won a cute bird ring from Roxie Sweetheart that you can see in my haul photo a little further down this post.

After the event we went to a Korean restaurant for some noms. It was my first time eating Korean food and I wasn't all that impressed. It was nice, but I had to pay full price for my meal despite obviously having it cooked without the beef which seems like a complete rip off.

Here are the items I got in my VIP pack. I'm a little butthurt about the iPhone 5 case since I can't afford one and have an ancient iPhone 4 haha.

And the things I bought/won! I bought a ton from Monika's Sweet & Tiny, and couldn't resist the new Grimoire dress despite the hefty £160 price tag. I ended up going back for the tights afterwards too, oopsie.

I'm already super excited for next year as Kyra and Michaela always do such a great job of organising these events! Bring on the 8th anniversary!

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