Monday, 22 September 2014

London Times

I spent the whole weekend in London with a group of friends in the Frilly Flat in North Acton.

I had a huge case to drag to London, so I dressed casually for comfort.

But then I changed into Angelic Pretty's Royal Chocolate JSK with an Innocent World blouse, Angelic Pretty hair ties, H&M hairclips, offbrand socks, and Bodyline shoes. It was a good choice since we saw so much chocolate, and I had yummy chocolate gelato before we went home.

We got some macarons from Ladurée, but the café was too full for us.

The place was so adorable though!

We ate in a place with honey bears! Well, I didn't eat. They were sold out of everything I wanted, haha.

And then the macarons were squabbled over!

Afterwards we starting watching a K-drama called Master's Sun back at the flat. I really need to look it up, as I enjoyed the first episode a lot!

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