Monday, 25 March 2013

Mon the Biff!

On 22-3-13 I saw Biffy Clyro for the 4th time \(^u^)/

We left quite early but I guess we got caught up in traffic on the way to Cardiff as we didn't make it to the venue until around 8pm, so we completely missed City and Colour. The venue was really odd - we had seating on the balcony at the back which turned out to only be 3 rows of seats and the floor was super sticky! And we had grumpy old folk behind us who yelled and swore at me when I stood up when the band came seriously? It's a ROCK GIG for one of the best British bands, you can't just sit and watch!!

Obviously they were brilliant, as always. I have kinda patchy memory as I had vodka with me and was drinking it straight, but I don't mind that as it means I was uninhibited and had tons of fun! (Plus if I'd have been sober the people behind would have guilted me into sitting and I'd have been grumpy and pissed off the whole time, but when I'm drunk idgaf). Even if I did probably make an ass of myself too...I seem to remember shouting 'SIMON I LOVE YOUUU!' and then turning to see Rob giving me evils haha.!

Grays Bar? Eheheh.

I actually ended up with 135 photos on my camera, but most of them were trash as my camera is really old and I continued to jump around like a mad thing while taking them! In the end only around 20 were any good haha. But as you can probably see, the set was amazing and so were the lights.

Here's the setlist:

I'd been worried looking at the European setlists that there wouldn't be any older songs, so it was great to hear some. Justboy is one I've always wanted to hear live as I love the ending where they all share the singing, and Jaggy Snake was the first song of theirs I heard so that was great too! And makes me look forward to April 1st as that's when Biblical is released (BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT).

We got lost trying to leave Cardiff as the signs are too frigging big thanks to every place being written on them twice, so it took a while to figure out where the motorway was! The journey back was nice though, I think Sophie fell asleep in the back but Rob and I sang the whole way back.

Wish I could do it all again! Trying to get a ticket to the Bournemouth show, and failing that I'll try to get one for London. But failing both, there's always Reading. WOooooooOOh!

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