Saturday, 9 March 2013


The release of this video took me completely by surprise the other day. I was just checking Facebook in my dissertation break in the comp lab, and the announcement popped up at about the same time. Which was great as I got to watch it on a widescreen HD computer rather than my crappy little laptop.

If you have't watched it, you really should. It's a clever little video in my opinion (I especially like how the twins were used in it, can you spot them?), the song has grown to be one of my favourites from the album, and I admit I almost drooled when watching this eheheh (¬u¬)

In other Biffy-related news, they're releasing a live version of Modern Magic Formula for this year's Record Store Day, which I'm really excited for! Jimmy Eat World is releasing something too, and probably lots of other cool bands. Gonna have to get down to my local store to have a look on the day (because I finally found a store here!).

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