Saturday, 16 March 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 11

~ 3 trends I wish would come back ~
  1. Old-school! Can't lie, while this look is outdated and probably considered ita today, I do miss it. It's so simple and so much more practical without huge headbows and petticoats, and the dresses were a little shorter back then so they fit me better!


  2. Natural hair. I just don't like wigs unless they look really natural. I think they make it look so much more like a costume than a fashion, and so many people just chuck on a wig that doesn't match their outfit because they think they're not a 'real lolita' without one. I've even seen sad outfits where the person is wearing a wig but no petticoat. It's just weird. I hate how wigs are such a big part of the western fairy-kei scene too as Japanese wearers of the fashion just do not wear wigs. And I guess a part of it is that people tell me to wear one...guuurl do you really think I could fit all this hair in a wig cap even if I wanted to?

  3. Sailor style. People still wear sailor lolita I guess, but I would like it to make a comeback. I would definitely like to own an old-school sailor piece one day, and then I could back the trends I've mentioned here all at once!

Which trends do you miss?

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