Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New Shelves!

I actually asked for a new bookshelf for Christmas, but we only just got one Dx

So I thought I'd share it!

Turns out I have a lot fewer books and things than I thought. However ideally I'd like to get a CD case so I can put all my CDs in one place (these are only the ones I've acquired over the last year or so), and then move all my books from my crappy old case into this one eventually. Definitely considering moving my manga as they're all stuffed into my old case scruffily! Ahaha okay I was in the middle of writing this and mum just got home with a CD shelving unit for me, hells yeah.

Records, CDs, Pocket Pikachu, Sailor Moon cards, Book of Clow, Pokémon annual, notebooks.

Books! Novels on top and other on bottom.

Japanese magazines (Kera, Gothic & Lolita Bible, Fruits, Popteen, Egg), textbooks (Psychology and Neurobiology).

And all this leaves my old crappy shelf to be a toy shelf! I have no idea how to arrange my stuff though, or whether to debox my ponies and dolls or not ^_^' Definitely open to ideas! Also since my records are out now, my dad finally knows that I collect them and he had to show off his collection.

Much more impressive than mine, but he has been collecting them for 30 years or so! Also it turns out he owns one Muse album on vinyl...the ONE albums of theirs I don't own. Lucky!

Hmm I guess now I have to put this CD thingy together and then move all my stuff AGAIN!! Don't know whether to alphabetise my CDs and books or whether to put them in order of how likely I am to use them...

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