Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A great week for music!


Ahahaha so those of you that watched the opening ceremony will have seen FRANK FUCKING TURNER play. I'd heard rumours, but it was still amazing that he got to play in front of such a huge international audience. If you missed it:

Also since the Olympics have kicked off I keep hearing Muse's Survive everywhere and the song has grown on me a lot now! So I'm starting to look forward to The Second Law, since even if I hate it on the first listen it's likely to grow on me the same way that The Resistance did.

Next news, Stingin' Belle (a new Biffy Clyro track) will be played tonight on Zane Lowe's show some time after 7.30, and then the music video will be up for 24 hours for Team Biffy members from 9 (Source).

And lastly, I saw earlier on Tumblr that a new Frank Turner song will be unveiled Friday, which I thought was cool. Upon listening to the interview first hand (here) it became clear that it will actually be a song from his name-yet-to-be-revealed hardcore side-project. OH MY GODDDDD I hit excitement overload at that point and did a little jig and freaked out a bit.

And of course, there's the fabulousness to look forward to the rest of the year. In August I see Frank Turner and go to the Reading festival, and my vinyl copy of Emily Barker featuring Frank Turner Fields of June will be dispatched. September brings the new Muse album. In October I see Muse live. In November Emily Barker plays locally, although I haven't bought a ticket yet as I don't know if anyone will come with me. December I see Frank Turner again. And somewhere in there a double Biffy Clyro album will probably be released, and then a new Frank Turner album in 2013. Aaaand the mysterious side project will be releasing stuff and touring (apparently this Summer?!! But very hush-hush) and as soon as I find out more about it I'll be getting in on that action too \(^u^)/

Update:// Soooo Stingin' Belle is a pretty cool track as far as I can tell from one listen (BAGPIPES). I was a little disappointed with the video, Simon's moustache creeps me out haha. Double-album Opposites not out until January, but pre-order opens the same day the single is released, 17th September (the same day The Second Law comes out!).

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