Tuesday, 20 September 2016

SkinnyDip Sale

Back in July, SkinnyDip had a sale and I was a naughty girl...ahaha!

Small bags like the ones they sell are pretty much useless to me since there's no room for emergency food/drink/layers, but I figured I'd give them a try anyway.

The Nope Hannah Bag was only a tenner, and I liked the combination of black and pastels. However I am quite disappointed with this one as the pastel part is quite dull, and the clasp feels like it's abotu to break despite only opening it a couple of times! It's also tiny, but I was expecting that. I suppose it will be good for nights out, but I never go out!

Both the Cat-nut Case and the Bat Shit Cray Case were £4. The Micro Pet Key Charm wasn't in the sale and was expensive at £6, but it's so sparkly and adorable that I have no regrets!

The Petrol Satchel was £13, but I had expected it to be bigger. I will probably be selling this one. I liked the colour online but it doesn't go with anything I own and I have other small bags I prefer (I regret not just returning it!).

My favourite purchase by far is the Game Over Cross Body Bag which wasn't in the sale and was £28...but look at how adorable it is! I've even used this one already! The chain is even the perfect length which I was surprised by.

Overall I wouldn't be tempted by their sale in future, but if they release something else that I adore like that Gameboy bag then I would probably make another purchase!


  1. I covet the Game Over Cross Body Bag <3

    1. It's so darned cute but really isn't big enough for all the junk I carry around!