Friday, 1 July 2016

BMC: Hot Little Goths

I was waiting for the Hot Little Goths release with baited breath. Would they mess it up? Would I want everything? It turned out to be a mixed bag - how are pastel roses or daisies goth? - as well as being a complete disaster of a release.

People were able to check out up to 5 minutes early, which meant I missed out on my top 3 wants (one of which wasn't limited, but the other 2 I will never get my hands on) and all hosiery sold out before the official release time aside from Evil Eye Stay Ups which I did get. Until they decided they weren't up to scratch so I got refunded and ended up losing my 4th biggest want too. Epic fail. At least one of my two packages escaped customs charges, so not a total fail.

The one mega-want I managed to snag, the Ouija Board Black vs Mermaid Bones IOD. I was actually planning to have this print on my next custom piece, so I guess I have to think of something else now! Sadly they seem to keep making IODs that are unflattering on me at the moment, unless it's just that my body became that out of shape (entirely possible haha).

I suppose I went a bit ouija mad, but I just wanted them all! So here's the Ouija Board Black Cropped Raglan Sweater and Ouija Board Black MF Leggings. I'm still not sure about the fit of the sweater as I think smaller would be more flattering with skaters, but I don't mind it a little baggy (wanted to make sure my shoulders fit in!).

I was super worried about the fit of The Lace Festival Crop after the one from the last release was so tight around the bottom, but I sized down for this one and that part doesn't feel noticeably tighter but fits a lot better overall (it is a bit too small, but bigger was too big so there's no winning, at least this will be fine for free-boobing!).

Black Flouncy Shorts are the only piece from this lot that I'm not happy with. I bought the smallest size and they aren't flattering at all, plus the belt is far too long to be useful for anything. The material is also rougher, stiffer, and noisier than I had expected, so I'm not sure 'flouncy' is the right name for them. At least I bought the plain ones though, as they'd be good to wear with everything when on a future holiday.

As for the items I'll now be searching for forever (they're SO overpriced on the resale market at the moment because the quantities made were stupidly small and the demand was huge - they were too expensive direct from the site, to be honest!), there was the Black Magic Harness Crop and the Voodoo Galaxy Boss Shirt. If anybody spots either for a reasonable price...ahaha.

Since the whole referendum disaster, I'm hoping that Unicornia doesn't bring too many wants, although I am awfully partial to pastels and I know there will be an IOD. But the exchange rate is awful! However I did manage to catch some restocks and went back for more from this release, so I guess I'll cover those when they all arrive in a few weeks!

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