Sunday, 19 June 2016

International Lolita Day

The first Saturday of the month was Summer International Lolita Day! I ended up being really late thanks to work and really bad traffic due to some neo-Nazi protest going on at Park Street (there were a LOT of police about, including Welsh ones!). Also saw a HUGE nude cycling group when stuck in traffic...interesting!

A bunch of us met in Bristol for bagels and lolita bingo! It was a nice chill afternoon after the stress of getting there was over. However I did twist my ankle really badly missing a tiny step out of the venue and it still hurts weeks later #fail

I finally wore Angelic Pretty's Mercator Antique Shop. I got a lot of compliments for it! I find it hard to coord due to the strange colour (it claims to be mint but is more duck-egg, I'd say?), but it's just so pretty!

There were also party bags with sweets, a bow, and a post card, plus I somehow won with both of my raffle tickets and got a cute Eiffel Tower necklace and an Angelic Pretty bracelet! The bigger prizes were amazing! I really need to have a sort out before the next one so I can donate some things.

Somehow when I was waiting for the bus some chavvy youths offered me a beer because apparently I looked "fit". I don't even. But hey, free beer!

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