Friday, 17 June 2016

BMC: Worlds Away

Worlds Away was a collection that really didn't appeal to me from the sneaks. Lots of bold patterns & long cuts. There were a few bird prints I rather liked but, due to the colours and general boldness, I talked myself out of them. So it was back to black as usual!

I love black and I love straps, so I thought that The Awesome Strapped-Up Crop would be a good investment despite the $70 price tag. However, it fits terribly. I accidentally ordered the S instead of XS, and as such the straps are all too long so my bra isn't covered. Without a bra I'd be dangerously close to flashing. However, I wouldn't want the bottom band any tighter, although the rest of the top is much too big. Maybe I'm just an odd shape? I'm planning on shortening the straps by hand but maybe I'll just use it for under dresses for now.

Next up, the fabric I've been waiting for since Disco Doll...and my first dress of this new-ish cut! The Disco Storm Tartan Marilyn Dress. Sadly, despite being a gorgeous dress, it's a big disappointment. I went for S with the intention of layering under it, but it feels like it's hanging off me. The fabric isn't stretched AT ALL when it's on. In fact, the waist is loose! I've sent them a message asking if mine was mislabelled and grudgingly ordered an XS despite having no chance of getting my money back on this one, but if it really does run that big then I'm not even sure the XS will be small enough! Such a shame as it really would be stunning if it fit.

Lastly, the Disco Storm Tartan Sheer Top Bodysuit also proved too tempting. However, this one is also an S and is too bloody small! It fits okay once on, but feels a bit iffy when getting it on over the hips. The top part is definitely too big which is unavoidable for me, but no idea how to wear this since it's completely open-backed so wearing a bra isn't really an option. Hoping I can figure something out though...not sure why I keep buying bodysuits when they're impossible to use the bathroom in!

I guess I had bad luck with this release! Although my purchases from the release after this one haven't arrived yet, I can tell you already that I didn't fare any better with that one.


  1. Hello! I am desperately in search of the disco storm tartan body suit :D If you are looking to sell yours I will buy it! thanks!

    1. Hi! I'm not decided about selling it yet, but will bear you in mind =)