Friday, 21 June 2013

Pink Purchases!

I started writing this post a whole month ago, but was too lazy to add the photos until now so it's out of date. Sorry!

Since I just turned in my last essay and finished my degree on the 22nd of May, I treated myself to some new things! They arrived before I finished, but that doesn't matter ;P

I'd been wanting a 3DS for a while as the next Pokémon game won't be playable on the DS. I kinda feel like I'm cheating on my DS though...I've had it since Pokémon Diamond and Pearl came out!

I searched specifically for a pink one this time! I ended up getting this one secondhand for £56 with a game card with 20 games and a DS game case. Unfortunately it has a scratch on the touch screen even though the seller said they'd replaced the screen, and the stylus is missing (they sent a new one but it took almost a month and is visibly chewed). The parental lock was also on when I received it and it would have been a pain to contact Nintendo to crack it, but thankfully I guess the pin really quickly as I figured the previous owner's kid's birth year was a good place to start!

My only games at this point are Super Pokémon Rumble and the new Mystery Dungeon! I'd played the Wii trial version of Rumble before and while it's easy and probably not a very long game, it is really cute. The Dungeon one is somehow even slower than the old ones, but thankfully with fewer flashbacks. Rob bought it for me as a congrats on finishing present. I want more games, but not really sure what. I am tempted by Animal Crossing as everyone keeps going on about it, but it's expensive and honestly I think it look boring...

This is my case for it at the moment, from ArtsCow for $0.99. It was supposed to be for my make-up, but I'd rather use it for this now...*swoon*

Lastly, my Dreamy Horoscope skirt! It cost £60 secondhand, and while I felt that was quite a lot for an unpopular print/colourway combo I didn't want it to slip away. I love this shiny kind of material even if it may be looked down on by many lolitas. Of course, it's also super short! I can't wait to wear it, although that will be difficult now that I'm back home. Going to try to be brave enough to wear it at the weekend though (my mum HATES lolita and calls it ugly and children's clothes and generally bullies me about addition to my being fat and useless, of course).

So I finally made a post! A lot has happened since I last posted. I have moved back home which is hell, having difficulty finding any jobs that I'm qualitfied enough for, etc. It does look like I'm on track for a 2:1 grade in my degree though, which is great as it was looking shaky at one point!

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