Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Final Year Begins

Apologies for this having become more of a music and personal blog at the moment, but I have no room for more clothes so I haven't had any hauls to post, and there haven't been meets for a while as everyone seems really busy (and hardly anyone lives in my city anymore!).

This week was my first week back at university. I hate to admit that I have been very lazy already, avoiding doing the readings and putting off going to get my lab key as I am very reluctant to start testing again (I get so anxious when meeting people, it's horrible). However I kind of expected to be this way since I have done nothing all Summer (I should have been doing my dissertation) and little over the past year and a bit. At least I have a new tote bag for uni! My Meta one was suffering.

As such I have been exhausted all week just from having to go out for a few hours! My first lecture was on Monday morning at 9.15am, so I had to get up much earlier than I had wanted to. The bus queue was huge and was taking forever to go down, but luckily another bus pulled up and just ushered us on for free (lucky, since my bus pass didn't arrive until Tuesday).

My first subject was Foundations in Psychoanalysis. To be honest I chose this subject at random, but it seems quite interesting. We're supposed to keep a dream diary all week. I don't even dream usually, but this week I've had loads of crazy dreams and very interrupted sleep as a result. Boo!

Straight afterwards was Attitudes & Social Cognition. I'd thought it would be interesting but the lecture was slow and I'd already been in 2 hours of lecture so I couldn't concentrate very well. Turns out the essay we have to write is very open and thus looks IMPOSSIBURUUUU. Tried to get a lab key from my supervisor but apparently he doesn't have them anymore and I was too wussy to go see the person who does have them (I'll have to go on Thursday *sigh*). I walked home, so I didn't get back until quite late. I was too tired to even do anything when I got home!

Tuesday I didn't have lectures until 2, so I was lazy. I was still tired for my History of Psychology lecture though. Half of it was a talk about the library which was super boring and pointless, and we didn't get out until 4 Dx eheh.

Because my course relies largely on reading outside of lectures, my time in uni is nowhere near as much as for most of the other courses. So I've had today off. I stayed in bed until midday because I was so tired and my dreams kept waking me up again, although I was much less successful in remembering them to write down. I did download a bunch of papers I need to read...does that count as work? And I'm going to a movie screening (Megamind) on campus later just to make myself get out of the house. Otherwise I'll just go to bed now.

Tomorrow I have my last lecture of the week. Yes, I only have 4 lectures a week =3 Psychology of Pain at 11am, which will either be really interesting or really boring. Hope it doesn't give me a headache! And I think we're expected to go to a meeting late in the afternoon too, but not sure I want to hang around on campus all day. Even if there *is* free wine and food.

Hope I get used to being back at uni soon. I can't deal with feeling this tired and hungry all the time, especiallt when I need to start eating less junk and exercising more!

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