Sunday, 2 October 2016

BMC: Unicornia, Funtimes Friday, & Intergalactic

Another super belated post of July & August orders! I didn't have access to a mirror for a while as mum decided to move all of my things into the spare room where I usually take photos.

Today I'm covering Unicornia, a pastel explosion that didn't quite live up to my expecations. Also I finally made a Funtimes Friday purchase at last - this is when a piece is brought back or a sample is released, just for 48 hours. And finally, a small boost to my galaxy blue collection in gym release Intergalactic.

First up, Ride and Seek vs Hide and Seek Inside Out Dress and the Sporty Stripes Pink Hosiery. I'm not convinced about the hosiery as they're a bit bright for me, but since I missed the burgundy ones I jumped on them anyway! They were also available in indigo in this release. Still not sure why they make them in such small quantities when a lot of people would want them!

I absolutely adore the hide side as the colours and details are amazing. I'm less keen on the ride side as it's bit bright for me, but I love prints like this as you find something you didn't notice before every time you look!

Next up, Galaxy Rainbow Pocket Skater Skirt. Can't get enough of pockets! Plus since dropping a lot of money on the Rainbow Galaxy Spirithood, I keep buying this print to wear with it. Even though my hood turned out to be red and so it doesn't match anyway...but this one is really flattering and really boosts the hips!

Also the Galaxy Rainbow Sweater Dress for the same reasons. I'm not sure I like the cut of this though as it feels too snug, and yet isn't flattering at all haha. It's baggy in the middle & at the bottom which makes it frumpy, but is skin tight on my butt so you can see my ass cheeks a bit too clearly. I think it's supposed to sit higher up, so I guess I'm just too short?

Next up, the Gamer Purple Dress from Funtimes Friday! I'm thinking I ought to have sized up for it since I gained weight since I last wore a bodycon...oops! But couldn't resist this one, especially since I have that Skinnydip bag to wear with it! I hope they bring back the other colours some day too.

Onto the gymwear! This release was gutting as there were so many galaxy blue pieces but everything was limited and I wasn't able to get everything. But I guess I have more things to quest for now...but so frustrating! I did manage to grab the Galaxy Blue Raglan Crop (the fit is odd as the bottom is so loose but the top isn't so it sticks out haha), Galaxy Blue GF Bomber (I need to trade this for size M, I forgot that I usually size up for GF fit which is gutting as this has been my dream piece for ages!), and Galaxy Blue Combat Spikes.

I missed out on 4 pieces which means I now have 5 galaxy blue pieces to hunt down, but at least I got a full gym outfit! And these gym legs...the most flattering thing!

Bit of a wait now for State of the Art to arrive, but both pieces are cuts that I haven't tried before so should be interesting! And the Halloween collection, The Devil Wears Nylon drops on Monday. I'm super excited but my bank account is already screaming and I will end up screaming too if I miss out on the IOD!

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