Tuesday, 8 March 2016

BMC: Future Classics & WonderLust

Since I ended up taking a break from posting, I'm lumping my last 2 month's release hauls into one post.

WonderLust was a tad lacklustre with it's high-street worthy styles and unflattering cuts. Future Classics can be forgiven for being a little boring since it finally gave some more staples!

There was also a small Valentine's collection called Love Hurts, but nothing took my fancy.

I was really excited to try the new ryder cut as I really want the Tartan Punk Ryder Dress when it restocks, but this Dark Moth Ryder Crop is a disaster and it made me cry. I have a small bust and am below S measurements, so I got an XS. It's so tight that it's painful. It's completely useless to me and I think I'd need an M, which is ridiculous as I'm nowhere near that on the size chart! Sad Abbey is sad.

I was very put off by the new cut of the Budgie Smugglers Nana Suit Bottoms as they're far too revealing, but since I wanted the Budgie Smugglers Nana Suit Top due to my love of birds I figured I'd risk them. I forgot that I usually take S in tops so I got an XS, and while it's tight it's still fine and will probably feel more comfortable when I'm using it for swimming. The bottoms look odd from the front and show tons of cottage-cheese ass from the back, so I don't recommend them unless you are very happy with your butt (unlike me!).

Since the pieces I wanted this time around weren't too pricey, I also got The Awesome Cap Sleeve Crop to pair with my matching bottoms from a while back, and the Foxy HWMF Leggings that I've been eyeing for a while to wear with my Galaxy Fox. I thought the foxy print might be unflattering, but I actually think they look pretty good!

There was also a small surprise half off sale on the US site around this time. It just happened without warning when I was asleep, so I missed the mecha gym gear I've been lusting after. But I did finally get to try a Tartan Red Black Snapback. As expected, I feel a little silly as I do in my Enter Shikari one, although I think the style is growing on me a little now my style is heading back towards the boyish side. I also got these Reppin' It White Smackdowns with the intention of wearing them under dresses when I'm not wearing tights as they're long enough to prevent thigh-rubbing. Turns out they're so figure hugging that my thighs don't really even touch when I'm wearing them...magic!

Although I already own a few things in this print, the gothy pattern and cutesy scallops made the Bone Machine Playsuit just the perfect thing for my upcoming holiday! I'm a little disappointed with the Burned Velvet 3/4 Sleeve Crop as the velvet they used is nowhere near as soft as some of the older bv pieces, which is a real shame as I was hoping a black one of this pattern would be released. I do still love how it looks, but it definitely looks cheaper as well as feeling it.

Meanwhile, I took a chance on the Written in the Stars Reversible Skater Dress as the photos from various places made it look any colour from black to purple to blue. Turns out it is a very dark purple, which I'm happy with as I don't really own anything purple! A few people were annoyed at the "BM" constellation...I think a shark would have been better, but why wouldn't a brand put their name on a piece? Nobody complains when it's shit like SuperDry.

I wish I could get the Fly With Me Panel Dress, but aside from clearly having nowhere to wear it and not really suiting pastels, I can't see that it would ever fit me properly. I do hope they make skater or cheerleader skirts in those pretty pastel PVCs in future, though!

Last night's release was called Fear and Clothing in Las Vegas, which is both a shitty name in general and not at all indicative of what the collection actually has in it, as far as I can tell. Naturally, there are a couple pieces I grabbed, but my favourite pieces of the collection would be hideously unflattering on me, which is a shame!

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